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Paramount Books Largest Bookseller and Publisher in Pakistan. Clinical Ophthalmology by Safi M Jatoi () on *FREE* shipping Author interviews, book reviews, editors' picks, and more. Read it now . TEXTBOOKS ARE HERE •••• CLICK •••• More BOOKS Click on title of subject. Anatomy 2–> Jatoi 3–> Parson's Textbook of Eye 4–> Kanski.

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Jatoi Eye Book

By: Jatoi, Shafi M. Publisher/Imprint. Paramount Publishing Enterprise. Isbn/Ean. / Format. Paperback. Published. 01/04/ Good luck. Image may contain: text that says 'Be a part of World Eye and Vision Generations of ophthalmologists learned and still learning from your books. The book contains following chapters: Embryology of the eye, applied anatomy Professor Dr. Sha fi M. Jatoi is the Professor of Ophthalmology and Director.

Open access peer-reviewed Edited Volume Advances in Ophthalmology Edited by Shimon Rumelt Faculty of Medicine, Bar Ilan University This book focuses on the different aspects of ophthalmology - the medical science of diagnosis and treatment of eye disorders. Ophthalmology is divided into various clinical subspecialties, such as cornea, cataract, glaucoma, uveitis, retina, neuro-ophthalmology, pediatric ophthalmology, oncology, pathology, and oculoplastics. This book incorporates new developments as well as future perspectives This book focuses on the different aspects of ophthalmology - the medical science of diagnosis and treatment of eye disorders. This book incorporates new developments as well as future perspectives in ophthalmology and is a balanced product between covering a wide range of diseases and expedited publication.

I would like to acknowledge each and every one of the contributors for their excellent work on each chapter. Each one of them devoted time and effort to write a chapter, contributing to the success of this book and the advancement of ophthalmology.

I would thank Ms. Martina Durovic and Mr. Jan Hyrat, the book Publishing Process Managers for their expert assistance in all the issues concerning this book, to Ms.

Ana Nikolic, the Head of Editorial Consultants for her useful assistance, and for all for choosing me to be the editor of the book. My gratitude to the technical editors for arranging the book in a uniform format and for the publisher InTech, for undertaking this mission.

Lastly, thanks to my family, teachers, and students from whom I studied throughout the years. This book covers selected topics in ophthalmology, providing a glimpse into the advancements in different aspects of the field.

It is not aimed to cover the whole field of ophthalmology, and hopefully, more topics will be covered in future books. The book is intended for the general ophthalmologists, sub-specialists, researchers, residents, and fellows.

It covers both basic and clinical concepts of ophthalmology.

Therefore, the book should enable researchers and clinicians to adopt new ideas for further basic research and clinical practice. This book, arranged in a systematic approach, discusses first the general aspects of ophthalmology surgery , and then disorders affecting different structures of the eye from the cornea and ocular surface backwards to the retina and the structures surrounding the globe. It is a product of a balance between the expedited publishing process and encompassing broad aspects of the field.

This book is a result of multi-national ophthalmologists from around the globe, with a common desire to take care of patients. Thank you so much!!! Hi Thanx a lot for this great creative book…videos were amazing ,lecture notes were more than great,,they r clear to the point and straight forward and has all I want to know aboutboptha as a Family Dr.

Looking fwd to more video and making life easy notes and videos.. Your material is incredible. What a pity you tried your hand only on ophthalmology. Perhaps something of your art will get attached to a lot of so called medical teachers…. You have no idea how precious has been this material for me just started first year residency. You should be doing this thing professionally! Thanks a lot!!! Thanks for this book! Muchas gracias! It is the cornea, the lens, or the retina?

This technique is confusing to me. Thank you so much for having your lectures on YouTube and reading materials online. I know that Ophthobook. Also, I have ordered your book on site. Thank you do much!! I would not have been able to get through my course without this book.

Hey Dr. Root, Just to let you know the Neuro-Ophthalmology video part 1 cuts off at 8min 50seconds…. I was hoping to watch the whole 24 minutes since it is so high-yield! Hi Dr. Can you help me, please? Wonderfull to learn ophthalmology,like this. Greetings from Spain. Excellent work, please keep doing so … This is like a complete go to book for students like us.

A site that helps! Tech and the abbreviations are so helpful.

Clinical Ophthalmology Jatoi PDF Download

I am the only tech for 3 doctors and I was having to learn on my own. I know Nursing but Optometry is something totally and this site is what I needed! Good Job!!! Very informative, clear and amusing.

I hope to teach medicine someday with the same technique that you use — clear diagrams through own animations, concise, interesting and makes learning very fun. Bula, this is a really helpful book which I was actually eager on reading…not too deep for us med students but at the same time not depriving us of vital infor…thank u so much Dr Root!!! I love your video. They are amazing, my favourate one has to be the Slit lamp one.

Clinical Ophthalmology Jatoi Pdf Download Free Similar PDF's

Great job and thank you for this amazing website…. It is a very nice book indeed written on ophthalmology. The videos are quite illustrative and helpful in understanding. Thanks to the author. About a month ago I got my broken orbit small orbit fracture and i recover fast, but now I am facial pain,nose and cheek sinus Area. Pls help me? Thank you very much for this web site.

Timothy Root M. D is a great teacher, he explains things very beautifully. Hi, Dr Root. We love your video on foreign body removal. My name is Jake Isserman. Roberts and Hedges is the most popular procedure guide for emergency medicine. We are gathering videos for the online version of the text.

We want your permission to include your video. You will retain all copyrights! You can link back to your site or project on the video page as well. If you have questions, please respond to this comment.

The patient has retinal detachment 6 years now on both eyes.

Clinical Ophthalmology by Jatoi, Shafi M. () | BrownsBfS

She did the laser surgery on the left eye when same was much younger. The eye vision is great after doing routine check ups by the eye surgeon. If she have this surgery in 2 or 3 months from now, can this still help her eye from getting that lost of vision for life. This website is an invaluable tool in learning opthalmology. A subject which had previously appeared baffling now makes sense! I hope someone could helpe me. The process of matching in ophthalmology is much more difficult in these situations.

You may want to contact your closest medical school and enquire about that process … or continue searching this route online. I like things that make our lives easier and this book is definitely one of them, ophthalmology can not be more easier.

Thanx Tim. Tim Root: Yes, I noticed the typo before I uploaded the lecture. Instead, at that point in the video I placed a small pop-up text comment that points out the error. You may not have seen this.

Thanks for commenting! I love this book, I have the printed copy and keep it in bag to read to from university. Only problem- the book I received smells like french fries LOL. Well done. I wish there was one of you in every specialty! Do you have any clones working in Neurology?!

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This is a very informative and fun site! Thanks for giving us this free website that has some very valuable information and learning videos. COA student. We wish to download the following image: This site has taught me a lot about ophthalmology. Your video on retinoscopy is one of my favorites and i always recommend it to colleagues and other students.

Thank you for this great effort Dr Tim. Keep up the good work: What you did, especially with the videos is amazing! I wanna thank you for making the videos because it really helps in my reviews for the board exams.

Me and my classmates benefit from your vids so much. I just bought the book online. I recently got accepted to optometry school and i start in the fall. Root could you please provide the site with videos about the following: Maddox rod test Maddox wing test Worth four dot test After image test and I will be grateful for your effort.

Eyad Shareef. Am a medical student from London university College London and your book which I have bought is a fantastic resource. Thanks a lot! Awesome explanation and has everything anyone ever needs to understand Ophthalmology! Just got what I needed. Medical Student, Nepal. I learned this book from a BBS. I wish more and more ophthalmologist would find it and love it in our country. You should proceed your writing. Is it ok to wear a patch. Is it detrimental to curing this nerve.

I cannot imagine functioning without the patch. I really want to know is wearing a patch is ok. Thanks to you all, and I cannot imagine some of you dealing with this for 3 years!!!

Bless you. Thank you very much! I wanna shake your hand. Wish you good luck! I am a COT with over 20 years experience in ophthalmology and I use ophthobook. Hi, I recently downloadd the book and started reading it. I am a student of medical sience in iran i search my problem in your site and i find them. I just downloadd the Ophtho book and looking forward to reading it.

You should charge a fee for a subscription to your videos — I know you have put in many, many hours into this project. I have been referring all my optometry friends to your resources. Root, I absolutely love your material.

I just bought both of your books and they are awesome! I am beginning my Orthoptics training soon and your videos and podcasts have been a huge help. Are they common? What are some leading causes?

I am a 3rd year medical student currently on a 12 week surgical rotation. I will be starting 1 week of ophtho elective week. Even in my busy rotation, I had time to read and enjoy your book in preparation for my ophtho elective. I want to be able to teach like you do. Thank you for what you do. I am a fourth year medical student preping for my ophthalmology rotation. This website has been a HUGE help, it has already helped me not make a fool out of myself several times in clinic.

Thank you so much for making it free to access it is an invaluable resource! I am a current second year medical student- I struggled with the innervation of the eye during anatomy and basically memorized it to get me through the test. After reading your section on neurology I finally understand the basis of nerve lesions we have been studying. Thank you for making this resource available to us.

Thanks a lot for these.. I am an optom in my training year in England and have my finals in less than a week! I encourage you to keep up the good work in promoting Optometry. Upcoming Optometrist like are benefitting much from your site. We are promoting this resource to our medical students and medical staff. Well done, we admire you all the way from Australia. Root how has the talent, pacient and enthusiasm to teach using good humor best way of learning. Sir, You are really blessed with such an excellent skill of teaching and we are very lucky to view your classes and learn ophthalmology which are very most illustrative, explanatory and conceptual.

Hats off for the care you take in preparing your slides, the patience you have in uploading all this stuff and your kind gesture in making all these classes available for free to all students across the globe. Timothy Root, How are you. Amazing videos! Such a fun way to learn!! It literally brightens up my dull and duller revision day. All of my classmates and I love this website and think the world of you.

The easy-to-read nature of the opthobook allowed me to finish it quickly and just in time for my upcoming optho-rotation exams. You are a great inspiration! Root I love you!! Root, a sincere and genuine thank you for this altruistic act.

You are an exemplary doctor and person — hats off to you. Best, — Jesse. God bless you i would be thankful if you could make lecture about how to use 90D und 20D lenses as those very challenging and i think alot of us would benefit from it my regards adel.

I love this website and refer fellow students to it all the time. I am a participant in an Ophthalmic Assistant program and find the book and videos a great resource! No doubt,Dr. Root is extremely talented…. I enjoy alot watching his lectures n they are reayy informative and attractive. I am 4th yr student doing optometry in India. And Your book and videos are helpful. Thank u sir! Tim, what an outstanding piece of work. You make and eye an interesting organ to explore and understand.

This I call Ophthalmology Bible. Thank you so much for all that you do and your hard work towards educating others in the world of EYES! The way you teach and explain things should be the standard of teaching for all. Well, I was instructing group of students and recommended your book to them , they all made their copy and they really like it and it was really successful course I bet you hear that all the time , but here is the surprise We are in Somalia So it means your book reached every where in the world Well done doctor And thank you very much.

Your explanations and videos are just awesome… and thank you so much for making it free.

We have been instructed to use your site and materials to gain a basic understanding of the trade to make our software better. Thank you for making it so easy to learn the ins and outs of day to day activities. Is there a scale or index used to grade symptoms of AMD like distorted vision on a scale of 0 to 3?

Words cannot begin to capture the immense gratitude I feel for your dedication and continued contributions towards medical education. I am currently a 4th year medical student applying for a residency position in ophthalmology and I owe so much to you and the fruits of your tireless labor. Your focused, easily digestible and often silly approach to learning is a welcomed breath of fresh air to the mundane rigors of traditional medical training.

You were a HUGE part in me choosing ophthalmology and I hope to carry on my learnings to my patients and other aspiring students and health professionals in the future. I just downloadd the first volume of ophthobook questions, the most recent edition to your vast collection and again I was blown away.

Education and teaching is something I hold close to my heart. Sign me up to Tim Root's email newsletter! OphthoBook — the free ophthalmology textbook for new students Is this the best intro ophthalmology book ever written?