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    40 Healing Scriptures from Healed of Cancer by Dodie Osteen. 1. Proverbs The Word of God will save your life. 20 My son, pay attention to what I say;. The following is a list of healing scriptures Dodie Osteen, of Lakewood Church in Houston, TX., stood on for deliverance from cancer. The scriptures are. OF CANCER by Dodie Osteen For a complete list of materials in the John Osteen Library, write to: Lakewood 40 Healing Scriptures I Used To Win the.

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    Dodie Osteen Healing Scriptures Pdf

    Dodie Osteen's Healing Scriptures in the King James Version. Proverbs My son, attend to my words; incline thine ear unto my sayings. Let them not. Click Here to download a printable version of Dodie's Healing Scriptures Card John was the pastor of a traditional church that didn't teach about healing. Some time ago, The Lord put it on my heart to post the healing scriptures that Dodie Osteen has stood on for over 25 years here on my blog.

    Take it! In fact, in every area of life obtaining the victory boils down to one thing: Just take God at His Word. What He says-what is written in His Word-is the absolute truth and it really will work if we will only take hold of it. The fact of the matter is, healing is no problem for the Lord. The only hard part is getting people to believe what He has said about it so they can receive their healing.

    Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes.

    It will help you through times of attack on your confidence. I feel the world and its communication particularly rolling news channels work like sandpaper, wearing down your faith and peace and grasp on the supernatural power of God to heal.

    We need ammunition to counter the world. Obviously, the spiritual armour of Ephesians is the first priority, but after that there are tools that I find very helpful for maintaining faith and trust for healing. The Word of God concerning Healing. I never underline in my normal Bible as I think an underlined passage will be forever fixed with the significance it had for me on that day; whereas the Holy Spirit should be free to speak new things to us every time we read the Bible I would strongly recommend this exercise for what it will teach you.

    All the worrying questions will be answered for you. This exercise reveals how much of the Gospel is tied up with Healing and how important Healing is in proving who Jesus is, validating His message and causing people to believe.

    Sanada de Cancer: Dodie Osteen: Books

    It also leaves no doubt that Jesus is willing to heal and able to heal. We usually read all the healing stories from one of the gospels including Acts at night, before praying and "speaking to the mountain.

    Bosworth had a long and fruitful healing ministry. He collected his sermons into a book that has subsequently been updated by his son. It is designed for personal use but could equally be used for a group study. Both tell the story of a believer's faith journey to healing of a terminal condition. That word receive is an action word.

    Faith believes it takes what is needed when it prays. We must take healing like a dog takes a bone. He clamps down hard on that bone and refuses to turn loose of it!

    You simply cannot look at the circumstances to determine whether or not you are healed. See yourself in perfect health.

    Take it-by faith-and hold on to it. When you take it, you have it. And if you have it, you say you have it. To get to that point, read healing scriptures aloud and receive take each promise. Look at the scriptures with your eyes, and hear them with your ears as you speak them out your mouth. Years ago, my friend Dodie Osteen had to take healing in just that way. She was given a report that the cancer in her liver was fatal. The doctors offered no hope.

    So, Dodie went home from the hospital. She and her husband took forceful action!

    They stood in agreement on the healing promises in the Word of God. They were relentless.

    Dodie faithfully took those healing scriptures every day, just like medicine. She fought the good fight of faith by using the sword of the Word to resist fear and all the lies of the devil Ephesians ; James It was a battle that took awhile, but Dodie was completely healed of cancer and remains free today.

    In fact, she has been cancer free for more than 22 years.

    7 Keys to Take Your Healing ─ by Faith!

    Proverbs explains this process for healing. Let them not depart from thine eyes; keep them in the midst of thine heart. For they are life unto those that find them, and health to all their flesh.

    So, take that medicine daily, be relentless about it and take your healing. The fact is, as a child of the living God you are more than a conqueror in Christ Romans ! That is not what you need. Faith is what you need. At that time, God gives us the same kind of faith He has. But, we have a responsibility to feed and grow our faith.

    Dr. Gupta: When religion and medicine meet

    When we read healing scriptures, we are building up our faith to obtain healing. A bodybuilder lifts weights consistently to build up his muscles.

    He becomes stronger day by day as he works out.

    We build up our faith in the same way-we exercise the healing scriptures over and over again until we become strong enough in faith to take our healing out of the realm of the spirit into the natural realm. See Matthew ; Mark and Luke And, faith will work for you the same way it worked for those mentioned in the Bible.

    God is present where faith is present. Faith causes the supernatural healing power of God to come on the scene and override natural diseases and circumstances. To build your faith, you must read the Bible and believe it is God speaking to you. The Bible tells us what God says about things. Men of old, anointed of the Holy Spirit, wrote down what came out of the heart of God. The born-again spirit is a receptacle for the Word of God. His words get into us when we consistently take them in through our eyes and ears.

    From there His life-giving words go down into our hearts, or our spirits and affect our entire body. So, if you need healing, feed on healing scriptures daily.